KATU TV Live Interview

An interview on @KATUtv @KATUnews in the Northwest in which I get to talk about We Own This City AND my trip across the country on a MOWER in 2010!! In case I didn't give credit for the mower trip where credit is due...Here's lookin at Dave Mathey, Matt Carter and Cody Ekholm for getting me safely across the country and adding a ton of fun to that trip.

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Wish TV Indianapolis

Live interview with Wish TV Indianapolis

watch now » Interview with Correspondent Koku Tona @Kokupuff

I'm pretty sure Koku Tona and I started a legit friendship in this interview, talking We Own This City and life.

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Actor Reel

Tractor Reel: Special Interest

During one of the hottest summers on record, over the course of 99 days, he drove a riding lawnmower across America at 6.9mph and lived to tell about it.


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