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Lucas Van Engen in We Own This City
Rob Brown and Lucas Van Engen in We Own This City

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Are you an advanced actor? Come expand and grow among piers.

Beginner? Get ready to work at a professional level quickly in a safe and inspiring environment.

When: Monday’s 6-10pm
The Producers Club 358 West 44th Street, NYC
How much:

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Class Goals

Lucas works uniquely with every actor depending on their needs to help them book work on camera.


This class was founded with a commitment to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


If you cannot attend in person classes, inquire about on-going Zoom classes. It only takes 2 actors (or more) to create a Zoom class.

When: Fridays at 1-3pm
Zoom Online
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We meet Thursdays from 3-5pm on Zoom. The Business of Acting Collective is a group think tank to help solve business obstacles and book work. Several actors have found their way to representation and booked work by being a part of this community.

When: Thursdays 3-5pm
Zoom Online
How much:
$10 suggested donation

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Lucas Van Engen is Leo Wise in HBO's We Own This City (Deadline) and Sheik Sheehan in Showtime's City on a Hill, along with multiple recurring and guest star appearances.

I’ve been through the maze of depression and elation. I’ve been deeply wounded by some teachers and lifted up by others. I’ve seen the same teachers do both in a single class. I have positive and negative experiences from 15 years of set life and over 30 years of acting. I am passionate about bringing all of this experience forward in a powerful, positive thrust that lifts the actor and helps them skip the line of unnecessary heady approaches and avoid the potholes I've hit, all while keeping the work practical, exciting and inspiring.


"I always appreciate learning from people who are in the trenches working and willing to share the wisdom of their experiences. Lucas is a working TV actor and wonderful empathetic artist. As a teacher he’s supportive and vulnerable in the room and leads by example. My first class with Lucas, he made me feel welcome and created a safe space for me to bring my most authentic self to the work. I’m so grateful for the environment he cultivates. Hope to see you in class."
- Shawn Randall

When working with Lucas I understand the script in a 3 dimensional way. He understands the small nuances and set technicalities to get the scene, and then he utilizes his incredible creative direction with your talent to truly capture next level work, or to stretch your wheel house, or to satisfy one’s emotional artistic process through connection.
- Adam Dulin-Tavares

Working with Lucas has improved my technical on-camera skills. More importantly, Lucas' dynamic coaching style has made me more comfortable on set, enabling me to adjust to the variety of challenges an actor faces while filming. Lucas provides a safe space in which an actor can explore different character interpretations and take risks.
- Jeff Weber

Lucas is an extraordinarily insightful and empathic teacher. My relationship to the camera, and to acting, has deepened and been lit up from our work together. I can’t wait to keep learning from him!
- Courtney Basset

Working with Lucas has brought out a newfound confidence in my acting and helped take my career to the next level. Every class is safe, exciting and FUN. Monday night class is the highlight of every week for me!
- Sophia Capriotti

Lucas is an incredibly intuitive teacher who creates a safe space in which you can both stretch yourself creatively and hone the specific skills required for acting on-camera. From a business standpoint, he helps you to really visualize what your ideal acting career would look like and find actionable steps to get you there. In the last year of studying with him, I've grown enormously both professionally and creatively.
- Jessica Disalvo

Being a fellow actor, Lucas knows how to guide me to being my most authentic self on camera. The feeling in the room is one of collaboration. Making the experience feel more like a creative space for artists rather then a classroom.
- Casey Killoran

Lucas helped me to allow myself to bring me to the role. He helped me to trust myself. Trust my instincts. Be a better improviser. Be a better scene partner. It’s not easy, but he has helped me be open and trust the process. You will be a better actor after coaching with Lucas.
- Mark Weills